Message from Chairperson of the Board

Reach your fullest potential in life through personal development

Guided by its motto, "Reach your fullest potential in life through personal development," Yokohama University of Pharmacy has continued to nurture medical professionals with a breadth of advanced knowledge and "sokuin no kokoro," or the ability to understand the suffering of others, feel what others are feeling, and treat others with compassion, since its inception in 2006.
Everyone has their own unique virtues and strengths, or individual nature known as "daiichi gi tai," literally meaning "absolute truth," in Buddhist philosophy. Focusing on the development of individuality, our educational philosophy resonates with the idea of tailor-made medicine, or medical treatment customized to the specific needs of individual patients.
Since the Meiji Restoration in the late 19th century, Yokohama City, where Yokohama University of Pharmacy is located, has been home to various pharmaceutical institutes, including Yokohama Yakkyoku (pharmacy), Yokohama Shiyakujo (pharmaceutical product testing laboratory) and Yokohama Yakugakko (pharmaceutical school). At that time, Yokohama superseded Nagasaki as the national center for importing and distributing Western drugs, and has since played an important role in the development of modern pharmaceutical science in Japan.
Yokohama University of Pharmacy is committed to developing skilled human resources with a wide range of expertise, as well as a deep sense of humanity and ethics and an international mindset.
We are determined to advance into the future while deepening ties with the local community, and would greatly appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Chairperson of the Board