Message from the President

What should I do with my life?

Why are you interested in pharmacy? You may have a variety of reasons, such as "I want to help sick people with medicine," "I want to develop new drugs or cosmetics," or "I want to learn more about medicine because it has helped people close to me or myself. All of these are opportunities to imagine how you would like to be in the future, and to work toward achieving that vision. We believe that after being born into this world, people grow up wondering how they can establish themselves and achieve self-realization.

The role of education is to support this growth through the teaching of knowledge and skills so that each individual can become a brighter person. Yokohama University of Pharmacy has adopted "Life Improvement through the Development of Individuality" as its founding spirit, aiming to nurture individuals who can establish their identity through the acquisition of their own individuality, or expertise, and who can continue to study throughout their lives in order to develop that individuality.

This educational philosophy of the university, which values the individuality of each person, aims at the growth of a mind that not only values oneself but also respects and values the individuality of others. We believe that this will also lead to the cultivation of a "heart of compassion" that is compassionate and sympathetic to the suffering of others, and will be the source of our aspiration to help alleviate the suffering of those who are ill in our capacity as pharmaceutical professionals.

In conventional medicine, the basic idea was to provide the same treatment to patients with the same disease, but there were individual differences in the effects and side effects of drugs, and in some cases, the treatment was not effective. However, with the advancement of research on human genetic information, "individualized medicine," which aims to provide treatment suited to each patient even for the same disease, is now being practiced. In addition, medical DX using AI, which has made remarkable progress in recent years, has become a powerful tool in providing treatment methods that take into account the constitution of each patient based on his or her data. In the midst of these changes in the medical system, the founding spirit and educational philosophy of our university, as mentioned above, are aimed at the acquisition of qualities that are indispensable for those who will support pharmacy in the future.

We hope that you will entrust Yokohama University of Pharmacy with your passion for pharmacy, develop your individuality and hidden potential to the utmost, and spread your wings to the world as leaders of the bright future of medical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Asuka Tsuzuki